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We really need your help! Michigan Senator Garcia needs a list of organizations that support the pound release
ban. So far, only 7 have indicated their support. I know everyone is busy, but please take a moment and reply
to this email with the following information:

Name of Organization:



Email Address:

Person with authority to commit organization:

Statement of Support:

The bills were introduced by Senator Valde Garcia. SB542 and SB 543 will stop shelters from selling our pets to research.

Studies have shown that legislators respond to letters from constituents. They want to know your opinions on legislation. Even though we are used to emailing, legislators take a letter written on paper more seriously than an email. You can find your state Senator by going to We've put together a sample letter that you can use as a guide, please go to for sample letter,

You can also ask everyone you know to write or call their Senator. Your vet, your doctor, local business people, explain what that we need to stop selling our pets and ask them to help.

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