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Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue Site
Adopting A Boston Terrier


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Adopting A Boston Terrier
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I am sorry we do not ship dogs and therefore we can only take applications from the states of IL, IN. WI and MI.  
Applications will only be kept on file for 6 months.   After 6 months we
will require a new application.   Sorry, but we cannot except just an email saying to keep your application on file as we need any updated information.  
There is an adoption fee for every animal listed from this website.  
We do not make money from doing rescue work, but we do need money to offset veterinary costs so we can save other Boston Terriers in need.   Adoption fees vary from Boston to Boston and when possible we will put down the adoption fee with the description of the Boston Terrier.   If the adoption fee is not listed we apologize and you are welcome to email the person listed as that Boston Terrier's contact for that information.
Our adoption policy is to adopt the Boston Terrier to the perfect home.   It is not first come first served.   Please be aware that we do require an application and we do check veterinary references -- and do home checks wherever possible -- before placing our dogs.


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