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Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue Site
Boston Terriers for Adoption


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Adopting A Boston Terrier
Foster Home Application
Boston Terrier that Need Rescue
Boston Terriers for Adoption
After the Adoption
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If you are interested in adopting any of these Boston Terriers please fill out the adoption
application and send it to the rescuer's address that is listed with the Boston Terrier. 
Thank you.  There is an adoption fee to offset vet costs.

We may have some animals that are not Boston Terriers listed.   These are called Honorary
Bostons and are very deserving of a home also.

ALL of our animals are listed on
To see what Boston Terriers and/or other animals are available PLEASE click on one or both of the links below.  they will show different Boston Terriers up for adoption.

Click here to see animals for from Midwest BT Rescue!!

Click here to see animals for from Wisconsin BT Rescue!!

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